Sample Master LIMS

Leveraging open architecture and comprehensive automation for laboratories of any size, Sample Master® LIMS accelerates accurate reporting, multiplies productivity, increases operational efficiency, and provides unparalleled data security.

Sample Master is Windows compatible and boasts feature-rich components such as an intuitive user interface, integrated calculations, automated email alerts, Master Query functionality, scheduling, and automated reporting. Sample Master is available in 100% Windows or 100% Web; Your LIMS, your way.


Users can easily modify screen captions to common terminology, run modifiable canned reports, as well as incorporate new screens, report forms, queries, menus, modules, and more. Sample Master is modular in design and affords smaller laboratories unparalleled flexibility to choose hardware and software specific to their needs, as well as support expansion as operations grow.

Key Functionality in Sample Master

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Sample Tracking

Manage samples as they move through the laboratory. Sample Tracking includes integrated bar coding 1d, 2d and RFID, sample login, chain of custody, quoting and invoicing and more.

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Data Entry

Allows data to be received from analysts or instruments. Permissions can be granted to each user to view, enter, validate or approve results. Data Entry allows the laboratory to enter, approve and report results with peer review. Key standard worklists and result reports are included.

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Sample Scheduling

Powerful scheduling is used to automatically login samples that are routinely collected. Samples can be automatically scheduled as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual events. Sample bottle labels and worklists can automatically be generated in advance of a sampling event and sample kits created.

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QA/QC lets you graph results and create control charts for data that has been entered into Sample Master. You can easily select the data to plot using criteria such as test, sample number, analyst, etc. It is just as easy to select the samples used to generate the control limits. You can also leverage NWA for more sophisticated statistical analysis.

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Electronic Data Transfer

Electronic Data Transfer allows direct electronic transfer of data from the instrument to Sample Master via a variety of formats including .XLS, .CSV, text (ASII), HTML and others. Sample Master can be configured to scan directories to import multiple files or import data for multiple runs by file or directory. 

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Asbestos Package

Asbestos Package offers laboratories efficient, automated functionality that will manage your asbestos data, generate NVLAP compliant reports and create invoices. Manage all your PLM, TEM and PCM processes.

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Chemical Inventory

Chemical Inventory lets you track supplies and vendors. You can receive and make supplies, reconcile them and update the supplies used in sample analysis. Users are warned when running low on supplies. Users can also track lot numbers, vendor information expiration dates to simplify compliance with ISO 17025 Certification.

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Resource Management

Resource Management is for managing instrument calibrations and repairs as well as personnel certificates. Users can view this information by certification or by a test. Expiration dates are also recorded. If an instrument is out of calibration, the LIMS can be set to disallow data input from the instrument that is out of calibration.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer Relationship Management is for managing customer inquiries and complaints. This module will track how each contact was made, who managed it, the severity of the issue and actions taken toward the resolution. There are also several reports including customer history, open issues by severity and a summary report.

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LIMS Maintenance

LIMS Maintenance is a central location to enter and edit information that is used throughout the LIMS, such as sites, collectors, client contacts, employees, permissions, sampling numbering format, tests, methods, limits, QC information, departments and numerous defaults and more.

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Sample Master LIMS Asbestos Package

Gain the Sample Master advantage in your asbestos testing! Optimize your laboratory for success by leveraging Sample Master to the areas of sample integrity, test efficiency, and reporting. Providing exceptional service to your customers is easier than ever when you use the right tools for the job.  Confience’s Sample Master streamlines your laboratory’s operations, allowing you more time to focus on increasing your capacity and serving more customers.

Learn how the Asbestos Package can save your laboratory time and money in streamlining your PLM, PCM and TEM analysis, validation and approval, automatically e-signing NVLAP compliant reports, generating and converting invoices to PDFs and automatically emailing them. The package includes a PCM calculator that contains automated alerts and automated calculations. The PLM function allows the insertion of layers during analysis, and copying and deleting layers as observations are made. Users can also depend on color coded alerts to let them know when they have reached 100% of the analysis component. TEM users can link images and also develop their own image libraries. Users can leverage automated label printing and barcodes to expedite accessioning and sample analysis, along with managing Standard Operating Procedures, employee training records, chemical inventory, customer specific limits and reporting requirements.

iMobile for Sample Master LIMS

Sample Master iMobile is a cutting-edge tool that allows users in the field to upload testing site data in real-time. Using any qualified mobile device with a web browser and internet connection, data from the field is encrypted and transmitted securely to the laboratory where it integrates seamlessly with Sample Master LIMS, eliminating the need to manually re-enter documents and field measurements or return hard copies to the laboratory.

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